Take advantage of Mdf WEB to get faster and more effective patient management

With its initial functions Request prescription patient and Agenda WEB optimizes the time dedicated to the re-description of chronic therapies e allows the management of the agenda even remotely.

For more information download the introduction.

Prescription request

Quick and easy, it enables the patient in 4 steps to Request the re-description of the recipes

1. Enabling

Once only: Enables the patient in MDF to request a prescription for re-description.

2. Therapies

Send chronic therapies in MdF WEB for which the patient can request the resumption of prescriptions

3. Request

The patient in MdF WEB requests the prescription

4. Prescription

The request arrives automatically in the MdF and is authorized by the doctor

Agenda WEB

Carry your diary always with you. Consult your appointments and enter or modify them even remotely

The doctor can authorize his own study staff and / or a service center to make appointments on MdF WEB

The MdF WEB agenda can also be viewed from within MdF


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97,60 €
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