Electronic invoice

Integration of Electronic Invoice management in collaboration with DATALOG

From 1 January 2019, the obligation to apply for all companies and some professionals came into force issuing of electronic invoices to its customers. Consequently it is necessary to provide for the receipt of the invoices relating to the "passive cycle" (therefore the invoices received, for example, from suppliers) to post them in the own accounting.

BestSoft, in collaboration with DATALOG, has integrated a complete tool that allows the issuing, sending of active invoices and their storage for 10 years in compliance with the legislation.

Through the HUB DATALOG web application, the receipt of payable invoices is managed in a manner optimal and their conservation is guaranteed for 10 years in compliance with the law.

In particular, the Recipient Code is provided to be communicated to each supplier or it is possible the registration of the Recipient Code directly on the agency's website.

The reference accountants can safely download electronic invoices (active and passive) in .xml format and load them directly into your accounting program. The above at the following very affordable prices reserved for BestSoft customers which are:

  • Up to 130 invoices (active and passive) 30.00 Euro + total VAT each year
  • Up to 300 invoices (active and passive) 49.00 Euro + total VAT each year
  • Up to 500 invoices (active and passive) 69.00 Euro + total VAT each year
  • Over refills of 500 documents at a time at 70.00 Euros + VAT total each year
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